about me


there's this thing i read about how the average consumer is only willing to click through 3 links to get to their destination... so if your content or product or phishing scheme is more than 3 clicks away from the platform you're marketing it on, then you can expect the mob of the internet to dither significantly before you get to sell whatever it is you kept behind those hyperlinks

i think it's funny how the internet has taught us to feed into convenience and superficiality as a net good. this 3-click behavior tends to bleed into the irl as we create shortcuts for others trying to navigate the person we put out to the world

"how are you?" "fine, busy, tired"
"what have you been up to?" "work, and... you know, the usual"
"why does it feel like we barely know each other anymore?" "i dont know, we're busy"

and i understand, because i play this game almost every day
i'm afraid of taking up other peoples' time... i'm unsure whether or not someone's asking me how i'm doing as a formality or with full intention of hearing me out. it's safer and easier to just say "fine, how are you?" and move on

what's tough, i guess, is not knowing who is willing and who is not

so here, i invite you to get to know me to whatever extent you are willing.